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  1. Charles

    Lundi 14 Nov. 2022 Répondre

    If I were you, I would look anyway. There will be more choice. It is better to choose a good micro bus or the best of which is possible to rent. Renting cars is a popular business. It's not hard to find one, you just have to try.

  2. Davis

    Lundi 14 Nov. 2022 Répondre

    It's definitely very convenient. If you have money, you can really afford to ride in such a large and beautiful city with maximum comfort. Now different companies have different rates.

  3. valtt79

    Mercredi 16 Nov. 2022 Répondre

    in fact, there is a lot of competition in this area because there are many companies that rent cars .. and not all of them are of high enough quality. I used the services here:rent a minibus munich

  4. +99364195374

    Jeudi 17 Nov. 2022 Répondre

    Hello. That's a great idea. You are right to ask in the forums. Often companies buy good comments, people believe them, but when they use their services remain dissatisfied. That's why I also read reviews about different companies in the forums, because real people who have actually used their services write reviews here.

  5. Sem

    Jeudi 17 Nov. 2022 Répondre

    In Munich, there are actually many companies that provide a personal vehicle for rent. True, everyone has different rates. You can look on the Internet about such companies and see what kind of transport they have.

  6. CotetoDogstyle

    Dimanche 20 Nov. 2022 Répondre

    Congratulations on being able to go to the beautiful city of Munich and for a month, you will see that that month will not be enough to cover all the incredible things that Munich has to offer, I am sure that if you search on Google you will find a company that can rent you a minibus in Munich, is a service that is usually found in a simple search

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